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History of the Track Server Project

The Track Server Project was initially conceived by the Abraham Lincoln High School Track coach Joel Nelson. He wanted to set up software that would import and export race data for the track and field events for the 2018 track season. In the Spring of 2017, Mr. Nelson reached out to Mrs. Robinson, head of the Data Center Capstone course at Abraham Lincoln. He presented his problem, and Mrs. Robinson asked if anyone wanted to tackle it. After much consideration, a group of seniors took the plunge and began. To get such software, however, was not cheap, and required funds we simply didn't have. So, the first step was to get funding. With the help of Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Robinson, in Autumn 2017 they began to write a grant proposal to get funds. Once it was approved, the team eagerly began setting up the software. Their first steps involved learning the software they were working with; it was foreign territory to all of them. After experimenting and learning how the software works, they set it up, just in time for the 2018 track season. The Track Server runs HyTek Meet Manager 6.0. The results are entered into a laptop or mobile device on site, and results are delivered in near real-time to the website. Coupled with the "BLink" Wi-Fi Project, this ensures spectators will be able to view up-to-the-minute results, during and after the events. It also archives results for later viewing after the meet, and serves as a place to post information regarding upcoming meets.

The seniors that started the project, Alex Carlson, Caleb Dalton, Connor Garside, and Shane Gunderson, have graduated, so responsibilities for maintenance have fallen to volunteers from the current class. For the 2018-19 School Year the primary maintainer is John.

The Data Center Capstone

The Data Center Capstone class is held in a small Data Center, located inside Abraham Lincon. It consists of 10 servers donated to the class and related network and electrical equipment. Each person is required to take care of his/her own server, and can do any reasonable project they desire. Most students use their servers for "clustering projects", where they donate unused processing power to a research project, such as Cancer, HIV/AIDS, or Ebola Research, SETI@Home, etc. The "clustering" of processing power essentially makes a rudimentary supercomputer, allowing scientists to accelerate research.

The curriculum is set by the students. Each student chooses their own project to do, and sets goals on a weekly basis. In addition, students should also document the problems, solutions, failures, and successes that occurred during that week. Documentation is a major part of the grade received.

The Data Center is is a place where students can develop and enhance technological skills in addition to developing professional social skills, and is available to Juniors and Seniors who have completed the prerequisite courses IT Essentials, CCNA 1, and CCNA 2. It is also available to Sophomores following approval of their guidance counselor and Mrs. Robinson.

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