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The CB Relays Hall of Fame was established in 1996 in order to preserve the great history of all those who have been associated with this community track & field event over the past years. In the CB Relay existence, there have been so many great performances by student-athletes and proud moments for coaches and parents. There have also been countless volunteers and generous community organizations that have contributed to the success of this annual event. The purpose of the CB Relays Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor those who have been part of this event’s proud tradition.

Recipients of the honor are selected based on:

  • Service — anyone who has served in some capacity, such as volunteer, to the CB Relays and the sport of Track & Field on a regular basis.

  • Commitment — anyone who has been dedicated to youth sports, Track & Field in particular, over a long period of time. This commitment may vary in different ways including: Coaching, Officiating, or contributing monetary resources to the CB Relays.

  • Participation — The Hall of Fame will recognize the great student-athletes who have competed in the CB Relays over the years. Nomination of student-athletes is not limited to just great performances, but also for those who have demonstrated the value of good sportsmanship and who have made great efforts that characterize overcoming adversity and/or perseverance.


    Year Names
    1996 Don Moxley, Conrad "Connie" Rasmussen
    1997 Gaylord Anderson, Paulette Mitchell
    1998 Rachele Depew Ehmcke, Jon Marshall, Kevin Draper, Larry Heath, and Jim Johnson
    1999 Phil O’Neil, Chris Hatcher, Cecilia (Rew) Fitzsimmons, Lisa McDonald, Martha (Flecky) Davis, Paula (Kenny) Stenzel
    2000 Fred Maher, Jay Conyers
    2001 Joe Hauser, John Wickman, Duane Brackenbury
    2002 Harold Patten, Larry Patten, Michael Patten, Dave Patten
    2003 Jodie Bendorf-Van Tassell, Joe Ankenbauer, Boyd Nansel, Bud Kruse
    2004 Dee Christensen-Crouse, Susan Trzeciak-Schneider, Don Schwertley
    2005 Bob Nielsen
    2006 Scott Milner, Chris Sorensen, Mike Lee, Jack Rosenthal
    2007 Larry Andersen, Larry Argersinger, Ken Mehsling, Doug Muehlig
    2008 Mike Batten, Bobby Everett, Mike Hale, John Shorey
    2009 Mick Freeman, Anthony Lieck, Mike Shannon
    2010 Abby (Emsick) Reese, Becky Lauver
    2011 Robert “Bob” Rossie
    2012 Jennie Edmundson Sports Medicine (Jill White, Dave Byrne, Melissa Troub, Rollie Hardies, Dave Jeck)
    2013 None
    2014 Kip Peterson, Amy (Griswold) Russell, Karen (McCormick) Watkins
    2015 Ken Fox
    2016 Pat Hughes, Brian Schulenberg
    2017 Derek Gruber, Kim Behrends
    2018 Bob Weidman, Don Schwartz

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